All About Pecans

The pecan tree is a large North American tree that bears sweet, edible nuts. The nuts range from 1.0" to 2.5" in length and are deep brown in color. A pecan tree usually ranges from 70' to 100' in height but can grow as tall as 170'. In addition to the nuts, pecan trees yield strong, hard timber that is used in flooring and furniture. Contact us to learn more about pecans and pecan trees.

Pecan Tree

The best pecans are harvested each year in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia. Here, pecan trees are grown in a sandy loam soil with a clay subsoil to produce exceptional nuts.

Our pecans have a fine brittle shell and sweet inner meat. They are sometimes roasted but are generally eaten raw and are also used to make candies, ice cream, and cakes. Many Southerners consider pecan pie to be one of the best dishes that can be prepared from the nut.

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