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Treat yourself or your customers to a delicious bag of pecans from Sheffield Pecan. Since 1976, we have been selling high-quality pecans to individual and wholesale customers nationwide. Whether you're looking for whole pecans in the shell or a decadent bag of chocolate amaretto pecans, you'll find them in our online store. We've been selling online since 1994, and we are recognized by the agricultural commissioner as Florida's first agricultural website.

Sheffield Pecan is based in Monticello, FL. The soil conditions in this region are ideal for pecans, and we are proud of the quality of our products. Contact us to order individual bags of pecans or to order in bulk. We offer great deals on wholesale pecan orders.

Chocolate Pecans
Chocolate Pecans
  Pecans Inside Shell
In-Shell & Cracked Pecans
  Spiced Pecans
Spiced Pecans
  Pecan Pie
Pecans Pie 9"

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